Work-Life Balance Sucks

It seems an inherent shame that in order to succeed something else must fail. Life is all about balance, from time, to diets, to finances, to love. Being an entrepreneur and a parent creates all sorts of work-life balance issues. As I write this, I am sat in my hotel room in Manchester, away from my family for a week for the second workshop of my Global MBA.

Now I’m Studying Too?

Pursuing an MBA was not an easy decision, but ultimately every one I make is based on improving the lives of my family. If I were to wait to start it in a few years, my children would be older and require even more time than they do already.

The studying has much less impact than my business does on my family life currently, these weeks away aside. Studying is mainly done after my children are asleep but then the relationship with my wife suffers. And she has been a long sufferer, without whom I wouldn’t be in the position I am in today.

The Importance of Having Support

Long hours spent at work for the last five years, and I am so torn. On the one hand, I want to be home with my wife and family. I love them and they are the most important part of my life. On the other, I have to keep my business afloat or the cookie crumbles and it all falls down.

While it’s not a difficult concept to understand, it’s probably tedious to keep hearing it week after week. I live in the perennial hope that there is an end in sight and the work-life balance will prevail before my kids have grown up.

The Importance of Work-Life Balance

Ongoing Struggles

Why would anyone put themselves through this? I have contemplated quitting for a regular job and the luxury of being able to switch off after work and focus entirely on my family.

Unfortunately, we all live with the dream of making it big, or being successful; I want to make a difference to people’s lives. My company recycles IT equipment, but donates the best equipment to charities and community projects to enable the access to education in disadvantages regions. It is a difficult challenge to be a for-profit small business but also have philanthropic aspirations.

Tip The Work-Life Balance in Your Favour

The only way forward is to genuinely believe your path is the right one. Nothing of any importance was created without sacrifice. On a personal level, that means sacrificing time with loved ones to provide a better environment for them to learn and grow. The work-life balance is like a sliding scale, starting off more towards work and ending up nearer the family. It is just a shame it takes so long to make the transition.

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